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St Ninian's High School Christmas Video

BlenderNation - 6 minutes ago

For the past few years teachers at St Ninian's High School in the Isle of Man have made a music video as a Christmas present to their students. Maff Long writes: Blender has been used to add small visual effects to their previous parody videos of 'Gangnam Style' and 'What does the fox say?'. However [...]

Happy Holidays from Xfrog

CGarchitect - 2 hours ago

Enjoy the Holiday Spirit of Gift Giving - Please visit our website to download FREE 3D botanical models from our XfrogPlants libraries!      ...

Model and Texture a Star Wars Tie Fighter

BlenderNation - 6 minutes ago

Steve Lund writes: Have you seen the new Star Wars 7 trailer? odds are you probably have, and like me you may have been inspired to create something Star...
Free 3d model: Copic Markers by Copic

CGarchitect - 18 hours ago

The free 3d model for today it?s this awesome set...
The Whale

BlenderNation - 21 hours ago

By ivaydesign. Everything is made in Blender. .. Rendered...
How to make rocks In Blender

BlenderNation - 1 day ago

Here's a quick technique for quickly sculpting some...
Grandpa & me

BlenderNation - 1 day ago

By 123ERTYY. Hey guys! Its been a long time, This... is an huge directory for 3D Artists & 3D Developer, with editorial sorted 3D Resources, 3D Software, 3D Books and hundreds of Free 3D Model, 3D Texture & Image Downloads.
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