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Blender Developer Notes: January 25, 2015

BlenderNation - 38 minutes ago

Ton Roosendaal shares the notes of the developers meeting in, #blendercoders. Be sure to read the update on the hair sim! Ton Roosendaal writes: Hi all, Here are the notes from today's 15h UTC meeting in #blendercoders 1) Blender 2.73a released Last week a bugfix update was released. All went smooth sofar. 2) [...]

Model Download_ 28 Logos

BlenderNation - 3 hours ago

Xelus shares a collection of 28 downloadable logos (Blender logo included).

[non-Blender] The theory of Physically-Based Rendering and Shading

BlenderNation - 3 hours ago

Allegorithmic presents a in-depth article on the interaction of light and matter and the basics of Physically-based rendering in this article. Light is...
Jaguar Series 1 4.2 Roadster

BlenderNation - 6 hours ago

By Guido. Enzo Ferrari called it "The most beautiful...
Blender Quick Tip: Speed up your renders and save some disk space

BlenderNation - 6 hours ago

Learn how to cache the BVH tree and how to clean up...
Brewing beer with Blender and 3D Printing

BlenderNation - 12 hours ago

Over on the new CG Cookie community forum, Jonathan...
Monster Car

BlenderNation - 9 hours ago

By Glenn Melenhorst. A model built in ZBrush and Blender.... is an huge directory for 3D Artists & 3D Developer, with editorial sorted 3D Resources, 3D Software, 3D Books and hundreds of Free 3D Model, 3D Texture & Image Downloads.
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