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Free 3d model: Rocky Horse by Magis

CGarchitect - 3 hours ago

Today?s model is the rocking horse ?Rocky? for kids by Magis. This toy was designed by the Australian designer Marc Newson in 2012. The base material is a moulded polyethylene and the rein is made from natural hemp rope. This 3d model comes with materials in place and is ready to render with vray 1.5 or higher. Enjoy!        

1frazseoman | Social Media Today

CGarchitect - 11 hours ago

Eddie Brill - A Comedian With A Lot of Great Things. A 3-time MAC award winner for Outstanding Male Comic in NYC. Eddie Brill produces and helps book...

Colorful Sparrow

BlenderNation - 10 hours ago

By TheAlmightyF. I made this picture with a ?leftover? model from a short movie I worked on (you can find some informations under this link).The bird...
Sheep Happens (+breakdown)

BlenderNation - 13 hours ago

Reynante M. Martinez writes: Something to brighten...
Gooseberry: Cosmos Laundromat Actor Lineup

BlenderNation - 16 hours ago

The voice actors for Cosmos Laundromat (the title...
New Plugin: Simplygon Cloud Pro v1.0.1055 from Donya Labs

MAX - 1 day ago

Simplygon is a polygon reduction API and standalone...
Car simulator for animation

BlenderNation - 19 hours ago

Piotr Za?óg uses rigid body physics and some Python... is an huge directory for 3D Artists & 3D Developer, with editorial sorted 3D Resources, 3D Software, 3D Books and hundreds of Free 3D Model, 3D Texture & Image Downloads.
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