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3D Books
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  • More OpenGL Game Programming
  • Essential 3D Game Programming: with C++ and OpenGL
  • Unreal Game Development
  • Introductory Programming with Simple Games: Using Java and the Freely Available Networked Game Engine
  • Game Physics Engine Development
  • Graphics Shaders: Theory and Practice
  • 3D Game Programming All in One, Third Edition
  • Black Art of 3D Game Programming: Writing Your Own High-Speed 3D Polygon Video Games in C
  • ActionScript for Multiplayer Games and Virtual Worlds
  • Beginning Game Programming: A Collection
  • Game Development with Unity
  • Multiplayer Game Programming w/CD
  • Game Programming with Silverlight
  • Game Programming in C++: Start to Finish
  • 3D Math Primer for Graphics and Game Development
  • Beginning C# Game Programming
  • Beginning DirectX 10 Game Programming
  • The Game Programmer's Arsenal
  • 3D for iPhone Apps with Blender and SIO2: Your Guide to Creating 3D Games and More with Open-Source Software
  • Game Physics Engine Development, Second Edition: How to Build a Robust Commercial-Grade Physics Engine for your Game
  • Game Development Essentials: Game Artificial Intelligence
  • 3D Game Engine Design
  • Beginning DirectX 11 Game Programming
  • Practical Rendering and Computation with Direct3D 11
  • Maya Python for Games and Film: A Complete Reference for Maya Python and the Maya Python API
  • XNA 4.0 Game Development by Example: Beginner's Guide
  • 3d Game Engine Design, 2nd Edition
  • Professional Unity and C#: Multi-Platform 3D Game Development
  • Physically Based Rendering, Second Edition: From Theory To Implementation
  • Beginning C++ Through Game Programming
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