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3D Book More Autodesk Maya Hyper-Realistic Creature Creation

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More Autodesk Maya Hyper-Realistic Creature Creation

Autodesk Maya Press
John Wiley & Sons
John Wiley & Sons
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1. Auflage

More Autodesk Maya Hyper-Realistic Creature Creation description

Product Description

More Autodesk Maya Hyper-Realistic Creature Creation is a continuation of the tools and techniques presented in Maya Hyper-Realistic Creature Creation, Second Edition. This book is your solution for creating convincing characters in Autodesk Maya. Learn core industry knowledge by gaining hands-on experience with innovative tools and powerful industry-recognized techniques as you learn to model like a professional; set up your skeleton in a fast and easy way; and create realistic facial controls. Get the inside scoop on high end production techniques from industry pros Erick Miller, Paul Thuriot, Jeff Unay and Rudy Grossman. Through project-based lessons, follow Jeff and Rudy?s process for modeling the beast and its facial blend shapes, Paul's workflow for rigging the beast's body, and Erick's tips and techniques on complex facial rigging for maximum flexibility. This book carefully delineates the entire production process for the beast's creation, so that you can both understand the individual techniques and how they relate to each other in a pipeline. By examining the entire process, you will learn strategies for creating characters with an emphasis on anatomy and realism. Lessons are designed to cover effective workflows for devising models that can be easily manipulated and animated. The methods discussed in this book can be applied to any setup needs that you may have because you will learn the rigging process from the concept stage through to pipeline integration.

Create a facial topology that will deform realistically

Use custom tools to control the morph timing of a blend shape

Learn valuable modeling workflows for creating facial blend shapes

Accommodate changes within a character pipeline

Use the Full Body IK solver to create a control rig

Create internal muscle structures for body deformations

Use tools and Python plug-ins for higher level deformations

Build and rig a face shape library with directional sliders and compensation shapes

Learn about controls for the eyes, ears, mouth and teeth

Attach models or rigs of different resolutions

Learn and use several custom written Hyper-Real facial rigging MEL tools


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