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3D News from Industry, Web and Friends

Chain Physics in Blender

BlenderNation - 20 hours ago

Jonathan Lampel writes: This tutorial is a quick follow up to my last video on rope physics, and in it I explain how to use rigid bodies to easily make dynamic chains.

Blenderart Mag Issue #46 now available

BlenderNation - 1 day ago

Sandra gilbert writes: Welcome to Issue #46, ?FANtastic FANart" In this issue we pay tribute to the creative geniuses that inspire us to attempt creative...

Grand Valley Telecommunications TV Spot

BlenderNation - 23 hours ago

Low poly animation! I like it :) Cory DeVore writes: This is a spot I recently did. It was done completely in Blender. All the rendering is internal,...
Blender Cloud_ Open Statistics

BlenderNation - 1 day ago

Are you curious how the Blender Cloud is doing? Entirely...
Call for Content Blenderart Magazine #47

BlenderNation - 2 days ago

The theme for this issue is ?What's your Passion??...
Modern Bathroom

BlenderNation - 2 days ago

By AlecKom Hi everyone! For my first participation...

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