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Model Download_ Sunset Shimmer Rig

BlenderNation - 13 hours ago

My Little Ponies fans rejoice! CreatorOfPony has posted a fully rigged model of Sunset Shimmer. CreatorOfPony writes: Alright, Baconhair is complete! Didn't take too long too. The rig/scene has a number of updates too, including various optimizations to make rendering faster. Made with blender. CreatorOfPony is offering his Sunset Shimmer model for sale on Shapeways [...]

A Zelda fan game test made in the Blender game engine

BlenderNation - 19 hours ago

Isaac Schartier created this Zelda test scene using only the Blender game engine, that's pretty rad! Schartier Isaac writes: Here is a fan game with Blender,...

Digital Sculpting workshop in Valencia, December 12-13

BlenderNation - 16 hours ago

Roberto Roch is hosting a sculpting workshop in Valencia next month. HI!I'll be teaching a digital sculpting with Blender workshop at Barreira Arte+Diseño...
Minecraft videos made with this free Minecraft Blender Rig

BlenderNation - 19 hours ago

Nils Söderman has created an awesome Minecraft rig...
Bill at AgendaCom

BlenderNation - 22 hours ago

CharacterMill created a series of funny sequences...
Colorful Sparrow

BlenderNation - 1 day ago

By TheAlmightyF. I made this picture with a ?leftover?...
Free 3d model: Rocky Horse by Magis

CGarchitect - 1 day ago

Today?s model is the rocking horse ?Rocky? for kids...

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