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Blender in Science: Parametric Anatomical Modeling

BlenderNation - 3 hours ago

Martin Pyka uses Blender in neuroscience research to visualize brain structures. A Blender add-on transforms his raw anatomical data into layers that can then be easily manipulated and displayed. I work as a computational neuroscientist at the Ruhr-University of Bochum, Germany, and Blender has become an important tool for our research. We study the hippocampus [...]

Plugin Update: CorVex v1.64 from Shawn Olson

MAX - 4 hours ago

Changes for v1.64 are:- Fixes a bug when using Material ID from Spline on an open spline- Fixes Material IDs to honor the Lock All IDs setting mixed with...

Plugin Update: Ornatrix v3.1.0.3 from EPHERE Inc.

MAX - 4 hours ago

Changes for v3.1.0.3 are:- Remember button in Hair from Guides modifier now caches the hair when pressed- Improved hair caching speed in the 'Hair from...
Free 3d model: Ironica Chair by Ton

CGarchitect - 6 hours ago

Happy to share with you another 3d model: a wooden...
Weekend Contest Winner_ Forest scene

BlenderNation - 6 hours ago

The submissions for our weekend contest, 'Golden days',...
The giant

BlenderNation - 15 hours ago

A great character sculpt by William. After seeing...
Self Portrait: Glumais

BlenderNation - 9 hours ago

Blender artist Glumais created this self portrait....

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