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  • License: Commercial
  • Demo: Trial Version
  • OS: Windows
  • Languages: English

Simplygon is one of the most versatile and powerful tools for optimization of polygon based 3d models, including high quality polygon reduction and polygon repair features.

With the help of Simplygon you can greatly enhance the performance of your real-time or off-line 3d applications.

Use Simplygon during computer-game development to automatically create level of details and speed up run-time application, or optimize your 3d models for AI/physics engines.

Use Simplygon to optimize advanced CAD models for simulation or visualization purposes, or use it to speed up your ray tracing, without loss of visual quality.

No matter what your professional cause is, Simplygon helps you to cut production time & cost and to increase the quality of your work.


Polygon Reduction

Polygon Reduction is a major part of LOD and the main purpose of Simplygon. By reducing the amount of polygons in a 3d model, the models wheigh less, thus you save memory while keeping the quality. By adding features like Border Detection and Welding, Simplygon assures you the best reduction possible. Reducing models in Simplygon is done instantly and gives you a very good result.

Split Screen

The Split-Screen feature of Simplygon allows the user to compare the original model with the reduced. In game production this is a very appreciated feature, since after you have reduced an object you can zoom out and see when the object is similar to the original, which gives higher graphics excellence to a game.


Layers displays each independent sub object with a unique color.


Welding prepares models for the best reduction result by merging some polygons. Unless these polygons are welded/merged the quality of the model will decrease, once reduced.

T-junction Removal

T-junction Removal prepares models for the best reduction result.

Border Detection

Border Detection is used to analyze detected borders in a 3d object. By detecting these borders Simplygon does not reduce away the main features in a model which could otherwise decrease its quality.

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koshiaga - 8 years ago

There is now a free demo of Simplygon available for max and stand alone with some major bug fixes download the demo and optimize. If you have any problems with the software contact Donya.

The software is being used in 3 more upcoming AAA titles, the game developers are where happy whit the product.

Remember that it almost always is important to weld an object before reducing if you do not know the value you need too weld just weld on (0).

Ps we have had some good experiments whit ZBrush and Modo files, huge meshes using the Simplygon Stand Alone and the .obj format.

koshiaga - 8 years ago

Finely Simplygon 1.0 is released with major bug fixes and with all Simplygon features included. Features like Border detection, T-junction, Welding, and Polygon Reduction.

First of I whold like to show gratitude to the international game development community for you’re awesome reception and response on Simplygon keep the feedbacks coming to help us produce more features and product for you use.
Use Simplygon during computer-game development to automatically create level of details and speed up run-time application, or optimize your 3d models for AI/physics engines.
Simplygon is Available as a 3ds Max 8 and 9 plug-in and Maya 7 Plug-in as well as Stand Alone. The Stand alone aplikationsupports .obj format, which makes it excellent for reducing huge ZBrush and Modo meshes.

SimBin development team has implemented Simplygon in the production of its coming games RACE - The official WTCC Game, which is scheduled for release Q2 2007, and GTR (360). And more AAA titles on the way

By popular demand Donya research has released a free demo for Simplygon max and Stand Alone that you can register and download directly from this Page.
A demo for Maya will be out shortly but you can try the Stand Alone for now.

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