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  • Tank Rig Tutorial by Felix Rodriguez Joleanes
  • The Yellow House by Huseyin Karaaslan
  • Making of Marvin by Ajdin Barucija
  • Automated Tank Tracks in 3ds max 6 by Jason Slabber
  • Vray Lightning Tutorial by Linda Ferroni
  • Design a Sofa in 3D Studio Max
  • Making of the NS5 by Ajdin Barucija
  • All-In-One Basics Tutorial by Colin Barnette
  • Mazda RX8 by Nasty
  • Underwater Scene with 3DS Max and Mental Ray
  • Creating a glade using Grass-O-Matic Plugin by SpWar
  • Making Convincing Reflective Shaders in 3DS Max 7.5 and up using the Mental Ray Render by Erik Mjelde
  • Steaming coffee cup with 3ds MAX
  • Making of The Lighthouse Kiel by Martin Klein
  • Honda NSX
  • Poly Modeling In 3D Studio Max - By Stealth Snake
  • Making of Window by Michel Belalbr
  • Animated Water/Sea by Jorge Lescale Mucio
  • Particle Rain by Stefano Rebecchi
  • HDRI with 3DSMAX & Mental Ray by Emre Goren
  • Afterburn Fireball by Michael Seidl
  • Lighting, Texturing, Rendering in 3DSMAX: Part 2 by Mathias Lindgren
  • Advance Materials by Mario Malagrino
  • Basic Car Rendering setup with Brazil r/s by Emre Gorenemregoren
  • Windows - Glass material by Daniel Buck
  • Making of the Korean Actress
  • Chrome/Billet material by Daniel Buck
  • Creating Light Caustics Using Mental Ray in 3D Studio Max
  • Making Random Grass by Radoslav Zilinsky
  • Creating an Exploding Planet
  • Making of Raindrops by Paco Morales
  • Polygon-modelling - A Fistweapon by Mariska Vos
  • Magmaball Tutorial for Mental Ray & 3D Studio Max by Phiipp Pilatzki
  • Blue A Fool by Tobias Trebeljahr
  • Next Generation Modeling and Texturing by David N. Goodman
  • Making of Nightmare of Chef by Stoffel Gaetan
  • Creating a Rain System in Particle Flow
  • Creating Abstract Bokeh Background in 3ds Max
  • Material Tutorial - Leather in 3DS Max by Florence Design Academy
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