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  • Mental Ray 3.5 - Sky and Sun by MF
  • Subdvision Body Model - A female body from a cylinder by Wiro
  • Creating a Realistic Looking Object Using V-Ray In 3D Studio Max- By Ahmed3D
  • Compositing: Advanced compositing at a smaller scale by Allan McKay
  • All-In-One Basics Tutorial by Colin Barnette
  • Vray Lightning Tutorial by Linda Ferroni
  • Leather in Vray by Zbigniew Ratajczak
  • Preparing an Exotic, Non-Alcoholic Cocktail by Bogdan Iliesiu
  • Facial Rigging by Alden Filion
  • Creating an Nuclear explosion effect in 3ds MAX
  • Afterburn: Explosions by Allan McKay
  • Karamendos Cell
  • Movement of the automobile on a line by Dmitriy Shljahtenko
  • Vray - volume effect by PENdzel & Myqel
  • Making of the Urban Environment by Stefan Morrell
  • How to link an object to a vertex in 3ds max
  • Rigging In 3DSmax by Michael Bauer
  • Making of Nightmare of Chef by Stoffel Gaetan
  • Riding a Bicycle by Carlijn Balt
  • Ink & Paint Shader
  • Maxwell Material Editor
  • Lighting! by Dmitriy Shljahtenko
  • Making of Shark: Animation by Nikola Drincic
  • Animated Water/Sea by Jorge Lescale Mucio
  • Creating a Realistic Animated Cable/Rope/Flex by Matt Clark
  • Architectural compositing: Camera Match by Mateusz Stolarski
  • Seat Leon II by David Melchor
  • Lighting, Texturing, Rendering in 3DSMAX: Part 1 by Mathias Lindgren
  • Falken Rim Tutorial by Travis Williams
  • Making Crease Using 3D Studio Max For Interior Design
  • Compositing: Camera Matching by Allan McKay
  • 3dsmax: mental ray by _mistle_
  • Particle Rain by Stefano Rebecchi
  • Basic Armchair by Pawel Kuciel
  • Automated Tank Tracks in 3ds max 6 by Jason Slabber
  • Afro head modeling by Jiri Adamec
  • Mazda RX8 by Nasty
  • Creating Realistic Water with Wakes by Patar Napitupulu
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