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3D Tutorials
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  • Underwater Scene with 3DS Max and Mental Ray
  • Animated Water/Sea by Jorge Lescale Mucio
  • Afterburn Fireball by Michael Seidl
  • Steaming coffee cup with 3ds MAX
  • Particle Rain by Stefano Rebecchi
  • Creating an Exploding Planet
  • Creating a Rain System in Particle Flow
  • Creating Abstract Bokeh Background in 3ds Max
  • Creating Realistic Water with Wakes by Patar Napitupulu
  • Procedural Shaders: Update on Lava by Allan McKay
  • RealFlow: Simple
  • Procedural Shaders: Magma/Lava Effect by Allan McKay
  • Creating an Nuclear explosion effect in 3ds MAX
  • Creating an Asteroid by Allan McKay
  • Afterburn: Quick Clouds by Allan McKay
  • Creating a Planet Shockwave Explosion in Space
  • Create Fluid in Realflow
  • Afterburn: Explosions by Allan McKay
  • Afterburn: An Introduction by Allan McKay
  • Create a Tornado in 3ds max 4 by Joel Andersson
  • Water Dripping in 3ds max using Particle Flow
  • Afterburn: Advanced Explosions by Allan McKay
  • Cigarette smoke by Thomas Suurland
  • PFlow Trajectory displayed with Splines
  • Creating Fire in 3DSMAX by Allan McKay
  • Simple way of steam creation by Dmitriy Shljahtenko
  • 3D Mountain in 3ds Max
  • 3D Underwater Scene
  • Creation a fire in MAX2 by using a particles by Yoni Cohen
  • Fireworks by Streaker
  • Texture based particle emission by Allan McKay
  • Sticky Fluids
  • 3D Water – The Ocean
  • Explosion Tutorial by Monty
  • Fireworks by Mikhail Gladtchenko
  • Creating Realistic Cigarette Smoke in 3D Studio Max
  • Underwater Scene Exploration
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