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  • Vray Lightning Tutorial by Linda Ferroni
  • Underwater Scene with 3DS Max and Mental Ray
  • All-In-One Basics Tutorial by Colin Barnette
  • Lighting, Texturing, Rendering in 3DSMAX: Part 2 by Mathias Lindgren
  • Magmaball Tutorial for Mental Ray & 3D Studio Max by Phiipp Pilatzki
  • Lighting, Texturing, Rendering in 3DSMAX: Part 1 by Mathias Lindgren
  • 3dsmax: mental ray by _mistle_
  • Post production in architecture by PENdzel
  • IES light in Vray by Zbigniew Ratajczak
  • Global Illumination for the Beginner by Rick Timmons
  • Making of: The Gates of Hell by Mario Russo
  • Creating an Asteroid by Allan McKay
  • Mental Ray 3.5 - Sky and Sun by MF
  • MentalRay GI Interior by PENdzel
  • Volumetric lighting in mental ray by Tyler Reed
  • Karamendos Cell
  • Vray Lightmap Tutorial by PENdzel
  • Making studio for car rendering by Wasa
  • Maxwell Tutorial
  • Soft Shadows by Daniel Buck
  • 3d Lighting Setups: 3 Point Lighting by Jenn Downs
  • Lighting! by Dmitriy Shljahtenko
  • Vray - volume effect by PENdzel & Myqel
  • Using VRay Global Illumination GI (Realistic Lighting)
  • Caustics through Mental Ray
  • Lighting with Mental Ray
  • Understanding IES Lights
  • 3D Mountain in 3ds Max
  • Space scene (view to the Earth)
  • Calculate GI through Vray, Mental Ray and Brazil by Aziz - Video Tutorial
  • Real IES in Maxwell by PENdzel
  • Illuminating Interior using Exterior Light source
  • Vray > Self-illumination objects
  • Fake Radiosity for 3dsmax using E-light !
  • 3D Underwater Scene
  • Z4 Unleashed
  • Modelling a planet. Setting up the scene and light. by Henry H. Pashkov
  • Illumination Tutorial by Mario Malagrino
  • 3D Water – The Ocean
  • How to create a Photorealistic Modern Bathroom Part 2
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