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3D Tutorials
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  • Procedural Shaders: Update on Lava by Allan McKay
  • General Texturing Techniques by Richard Tilbury
  • Creating a Rock Shader
  • Creating a glade using Grass-O-Matic Plugin by SpWar
  • 3D Stylized Head Tutorial by Athey Nansel-Moravetz
  • Introduction to Procedural texturing by Peter Åsberg
  • SL500 Texturing and Lighting by Simon Reeves
  • Seat Leon II by David Melchor
  • Making of: The Gates of Hell by Mario Russo
  • Creating an Asteroid by Allan McKay
  • 3D Mountain in 3ds Max
  • Ella - Making of
  • V-ray Glass Material
  • The Vaults by Musa Sayyed
  • Material Tutorial: Glowing Material with Mental Ray by Florence Design Academy
  • Creating a Night Sky with Procedural Twinkling Stars
  • Head Mapping by Richard TIlbury
  • Lighting, Texturing, Rendering in 3DSMAX: Part 1 by Mathias Lindgren
  • All-In-One Basics Tutorial by Colin Barnette
  • Leather in Vray by Zbigniew Ratajczak
  • Procedural Shaders: Magma/Lava Effect by Allan McKay
  • How to create microscopic cell scenes by Necksmasher
  • Lighting, Texturing, Rendering in 3DSMAX: Part 2 by Mathias Lindgren
  • House texturing by Nikol Drincic
  • Advance Materials by Mario Malagrino
  • Creating a simple realistic looking scene using simple objects by Okii Shirow
  • Transparent Blueprints by Travis Williams
  • Windows - Glass material by Daniel Buck
  • Brushed metal using procedurals by Peter Åsberg
  • Karamendos Cell
  • Canyon material using advanced procedurals and Vertex Colours by Peter Åsberg
  • CocaCola can by Dave Wilson
  • Car Paint: Basics by Daniel Buck
  • Car Paint tutorial by Daniel Buck
  • An In-Depth Look at UVW Mapping an Object
  • Details in materials by Smoke
  • Worn, Painted Metal Surface by Arild Wiro
  • Chrome/Billet material by Daniel Buck
  • Space scene (view to the Earth)
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