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3D Tutorial Procedural Shaders: Update on Lava by Allan McKay


In the article Procedural Shaders: Magma/Lava Effect I wrote back in 2000, I roughly explained how I created a magma shader, but unfortunantly during that time I didn’t really have any free time to really focus on it. So the article became a bit hard to follow, plus my shader was a lot more complicated than necessary. This new shader however is as efficient as it can be and shouldn’t create and confusion. What I plan to accomplish in this tutorial is showing the power of procedural shaders and masking as well as trying not to make it too confusing at the same time. You’re first going to need 3dsmax of course, but you’re also going to need a freeware plugin called electric, it’s a procedural texture map from Blur Studios, you’ll also need blurlib which is pretty much required for electric to work. ...

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