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"Smokin 2" - Intermediate 3dsmax Particles by Allan McKay description

Essentially "Smokin" - Basic 3DSMAX Particles" was the very basic intro. I have been asked by sooo many people to write up a tutorial on smoke and fire, explosions and many other things which I have been too busy in the past to even touch.

So the previous tutorial was just an intro into the basics of creating facing smoke with spray. Primarily I haven’t touched any plugins in the past in my tutorials because I don’t have access to the plugins and I want to teach people who do not have Afterburn, or Pheonix or other tools on how to create various effects with just the bare bones of Max.

In the future I intend to go off and fully cover many of the high end plugins in great
depth and show many of the tips and tricks as I learn them myself, but until I own a copy I’m just going to stick with good ol spray ect. :)

In this tutorial I have more time and I am going to cover the more advanced areas of particles and materials and how to try to give a better illusion of smoke. Basically there is several different types of smoke ranging from steam and black candle smoke to large billowing smoke emitted from bushfires ect.

I am going to try to cover enough areas so that you can create all of these effects and more, plus once you really cover all of this you can begin to create your own fire effects and other cool effects from that.

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