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3D Tutorial Modeling & texturing a Book


Time for another tutorial and this time we’ll be modeling and texturing a book with a dust cover. I’ve already scanned all necessary textures for you so all you have to do is model the actual book (which, by the way, will be The Oxford Companion to English Literature, edited by Margaret Drabble (1986), a book I’ve had for some 15 years by now. Yes, I am that old.). This will be a three part tutorial. First we’ll model the actual book, then we’ll model the dust cover and finally we will put on some textures. The tutorial should be easy to follow even if you are a beginner but some basic understanding of Cinema’s interface and tool is probably a good start. I’ve been using Cinema 4D XL 8.5 when writing it but you should basically be fine with earlier versions. The texturing in part three will make use of some procedural shaders (bhodiNUT SLA) but these shaders are not required.

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