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3D Tutorials
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  • Dante Alighieri by Marco Menco
  • ZBrush Training: Lesson 2 - Sculpting the Human Skull by Jason Welsh
  • Making of the “Flower Messenger” by Jack Zhang
  • Making of Suraagh Rasaan- The Detective
  • Bird of Prey by Joe Lee
  • Hair Sculpting Tutorial by Joe Lee
  • A guide to re-topologising by Wayne Robson
  • Ecorche: Sculpting Face Anatomy by Ryan Kingslein
  • ZBrush Specular Map Painting Tutorial by Kashif Riley
  • Ecorche: Anatomy of the Arm & Shoulder by Ryan Kingslein
  • Creating A Sword - Video Tutorials by Pixologic
  • Baking ZBrush Materials to a Texture Map by Joseph Drust
  • Industry Insider with Cesar Decal Jr. - Video Tutorials by Cesar Decal Jr.
  • Modeling the Temple by Giorgio Luciano
  • Creation of the Captain by Stepan (o)ne Grakov
  • Old Man by Oskar Swierad and Kamil Makowski
  • Character Modeling for Next-Gen Games
  • Mapping Procedures: 3ds max to ZBrush - ZBrush to 3ds max by O x H | d3 (Baiculescu Ovidiu Nicky)
  • ZBrush Training - Lesson 5: Using Blender to create clean UVs by Jason Welsh
  • Poly Painting by Jesse Sandifer
  • ZBrush Video Tutorial: Worm Head Speed Sculpt by Jonny D Artiste
  • Digital Sculpting: Human Anatomy: ZBrush-to-Maya workflow with Zack Petroc
  • Character Modeling for Production
  • ZSpheres - Video Tutorials by Pixologic
  • ZBrush Training: Lesson 1 - Interface & Navigation by Jason Welsh
  • Making A Vase - Video Tutorials by Pixologic
  • ZBrush Video Tutorials: Creating Simple Cloth by Pixologic
  • ZBrush Training - Lesson 3: Setting up Image Planes by Jason Welsh
  • ZBrush Basics by Pixologic
  • Mesh Extract - Video Tutorials by Pixologic
  • Transpose - Video Tutorial by Pixologic
  • ZBrush Architectural Techniques Using Projection Master - Video Tutorials by Sebastien Legrain
  • Sculpting in ZBrush for Games
  • The Techniques of Aaron Sims: Volume 1: Designing with Photoshop, XSI, and ZBrush
  • Video Making of - No More Wine by Simon Blanc
  • Character Texturing for Production
  • Modo - ZBrush displacement workflow with Displacement Exporter by Zoltan Korcsok
  • ZBrush Training - Lesson 8: Explaining UVs by Jason Welsh
  • Normal Mapping (Max) - Video Tutorial by Pixologic
  • ZBrush Masking by Jesse Sandifer
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