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A BlenderNation Experiment: News Spillover

BlenderNation - 4 hours ago

I get so much mail with new Blender stories every day that I can't publish them all. Some of the stories JUST didn't make the cut and I feel bad to have to 'reject' them.  As an experiment, I'm now collecting those on the community site in the 'News Spillover' forum. You can find the last five stories [...]

Blender Market: Easy Game addon speeds up material and asset creation

BlenderNation - 7 hours ago

Mike Pan's 'Easy Game' is a collection of tools that allow you to work faster and more efficiently with the Blender Game Engine. It is made...

Make Lava with Black Bodies

BlenderNation - 7 hours ago

Derek experimented with the black body node and got some impressive results simulating Lava.
BIM File importer IFCOpenShell 0.4.0 has been released

BlenderNation - 10 hours ago

If you work in the architecture or construction industry,...
Plugin Update: Muster v8.5.3 from Virtual Vertex

MAX - 13 hours ago

Changes for v8.5.3 are:- Fixes an issue in the MDispatcherAPI...
Short Film: Sally

BlenderNation - 13 hours ago

Dominic presents his graduation work! Dominic writes:...
New Plugin: Corona Material Presets Pro v1.0 from Siger Studio

MAX - 13 hours ago

Corona Material Presets Pro is a powerful material... is an huge directory for 3D Artists & 3D Developer, with editorial sorted 3D Resources, 3D Software, 3D Books and hundreds of Free 3D Model, 3D Texture & Image Downloads.
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