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Material Manager beta

Max Underground - 9 hours ago

Vizpark announced the development of Material Manager, a new plugin for fast management of 3DS Max materials. Features include: material presets can now have attributes that can easily be filtered, ability to rate materials, wildcard search materials with instant results, sort materials by various attributes, collect all bitmaps of a material in a single library […]

CG Masters Tutorial Contest Results

BlenderNation - 12 hours ago

CG Masters announce the winners to their Blender tutorials competition. Check them out and keep learning! Chris Plush writes: Another tutorial contest...

Advances in 3D fractal imaging software ? Mandelbulb 3D and Mandelbulber

Max Underground - 9 hours ago

A number of years after mathematicians came up with possible 3D fractal formulas, collective open source software projects have been born for creating...
Ultramap beta

Max Underground - 9 hours ago

Vizpark, developers of Max plugins Mosaic and Walls...
Modo 801 released

Max Underground - 34 minutes ago

The Foundry has released a new version of its flagship...
Understanding 3DS Max units

Max Underground - 9 hours ago

A tutorial by Autodesk on how to manage files that...
Meshmixer 2.3

Max Underground - 9 hours ago

New features in Autodesk’s modeling tool for...

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