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Mr. Steve

BlenderNation - 2 hours ago

By draguu. Done in blender cycleshope you like it Thanks

New Blender gallery on Sketchfab

BlenderNation - 8 hours ago

Sketchfab just added a new tag gallery feature, and one of their launching galleries is Blender.

In-depth arch-viz tutorial: House Breukelen

BlenderNation - 5 hours ago

Chocofus is publishing a series of in-depth tutorials, focusing on all aspects of developing an interior vizualisation. In this tutorial we'll be modeling...
[non-Blender] Mox: An open source movie format for video and film production

BlenderNation - 11 hours ago

A new crowdfunding project aims to develop a new open...
Plugin Update: proTize max v1.0 from LaserAnimation Sollinger GmbH

MAX - 20 hours ago

Changes for v1.0 are:- Adds support for Max 2012-...
New Plugin: Array v1.0 from Tim Catalano

MAX - 20 hours ago

This is a simple array modifier that works similar...
Plugin Update: Easy Ogre Exporter v2.17 from Bastien Bourineau / Arkeon

MAX - 20 hours ago

Changes for v2.17 are:- Adds basic support for composite... is an huge directory for 3D Artists & 3D Developer, with editorial sorted 3D Resources, 3D Software, 3D Books and hundreds of Free 3D Model, 3D Texture & Image Downloads.
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