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Hundreds of tileable Textures, Structures, Objects & Backgrounds, created by, partner & friends and offered for free download.
Todays most wanted 3D Texture Downloads

3D Textures: Aging

Tileable textures of aged, dirty, ruined, weathered materials and structures to create realistic 3D scenes and animations.

Aging »   Concrete    Metal    Misc    Plaster    Structures    Walls    Wood   

3D Textures: Animated

Animated and moving textures, images and frames as backgrounds and effects in your 3D projects

Animated »   Explosions    Fire    Laser Lights    Misc    Particle    Water   

3D Textures: Backgrounds

Panorama images of landscapes, skies, clouds and horizons for a stunning background of your 3D scenes

3D Textures: Bricks & Walls

Stones, clinker, concrete, sandstone brick structures as tileable brick texture or as complete brick wall maps, new, aged and refurbished

Bricks & Walls »   Concrete    Walls   

3D Textures: Bump Maps

Tileable images for the creation of reliefs in multi-maps

3D Textures: Concrete

Concrete surfaces, concrete structures and whole concrete walls in several new aged and recycled concrete materials

Concrete »   Aging    Blocks    Bricks    Floors    General    Pavement    Slabs    Structures    Walls   

3D Textures: Eyes

Human, animal, alien and fantasy eye textures / images in various colors and forms

Eyes »   Black    Blue    Brown    Cyan    Green    Grey    Red    Violet    White    Yellow   

3D Textures: Fabric

Fabrics in different colors and structures, natural, aged, colored

3D Textures: Fur & Skin

Human, animal and alien skin, with and without hair for stunning creatures

3D Textures: Grounds & Floors

Tileable surfaces and structures of new, aged, dirty, weathered artificial and natural materials for interior and exterior use

Grounds & Floors »   Concrete    General    Grass    Sand    Stone   

3D Textures: Metal

Various metal materials and metal structures to create natural, polished, brushed and aged metal surfaces and objects

Metal »   Aging    Aluminum    Brass    Bronze    Copper    Gold    Iron & Steel    Misc    Structures & Objects    Zinc   

3D Textures: Misc

Surfaces without classification for different purpose

3D Textures: Paper & Cardboard

Fine, structured, colored paper and cardboard textures and images

3D Textures: Plaster

Fine, coarse plaster textures and images, tileable or as whole wall, in various materials and aging states

Plaster »   Aging    General    Walls   

3D Textures: Space Panels

Fantasy surfaces to create futuristic and alien like structures and objects

3D Textures: Stone

Various tileable, colored, natural and artificial stone materials, surfaces and structures

Stone »   Granite    Limestone    Marble    Misc    Rocks    Sandstone   

3D Textures: Tiles

A wide range of tileable surfaces of many different materials for any kind of indoor and outdoor texturing

Tiles »   Misc    Pavement    Stone Slabs    Walls    Wood   

3D Textures: Walls

Whole walls in many different materials, structures and aging states as tileable textures

3D Textures: Wood

Natural wood surfaces as tileable material or tileable boards, panels and structures

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