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Hundreds of tileable Textures, Structures, Objects & Backgrounds, created by, partner & friends and offered for free download.
Todays most wanted 3D Texture Downloads


Tileable textures of aged, dirty, ruined, weathered materials and structures to create realistic 3D scenes and animations.
Aging »   Concrete    Metal    Misc    Plaster    Structures    Walls    Wood   


Animated and moving textures, images and frames as backgrounds and effects in your 3D projects
Animated »   Explosions    Fire    Laser Lights    Misc    Particle    Water   


Panorama images of landscapes, skies, clouds and horizons for a stunning background of your 3D scenes

Bricks & Walls

Stones, clinker, concrete, sandstone brick structures as tileable brick texture or as complete brick wall maps, new, aged and refurbished
Bricks & Walls »   Concrete    Walls   

Bump Maps

Tileable images for the creation of reliefs in multi-maps


Concrete surfaces, concrete structures and whole concrete walls in several new aged and recycled concrete materials
Concrete »   Aging    Blocks    Bricks    Floors    General    Pavement    Slabs    Structures    Walls   


Human, animal, alien and fantasy eye textures / images in various colors and forms
Eyes »   Black    Blue    Brown    Cyan    Green    Grey    Red    Violet    White    Yellow   


Fabrics in different colors and structures, natural, aged, colored

Fur & Skin

Human, animal and alien skin, with and without hair for stunning creatures

Grounds & Floors

Tileable surfaces and structures of new, aged, dirty, weathered artificial and natural materials for interior and exterior use
Grounds & Floors »   Concrete    General    Grass    Sand    Stone   


Various metal materials and metal structures to create natural, polished, brushed and aged metal surfaces and objects
Metal »   Aging    Aluminum    Brass    Bronze    Copper    Gold    Iron & Steel    Misc    Structures & Objects    Zinc   


Surfaces without classification for different purpose

Paper & Cardboard

Fine, structured, colored paper and cardboard textures and images

Plants & Trees

Cropped images of trees, branches, bushes and leaves


Fine, coarse plaster textures and images, tileable or as whole wall, in various materials and aging states
Plaster »   Aging    General    Walls   

Reference Images

Special reference pictures to create seemless textures

Space Panels

Fantasy surfaces to create futuristic and alien like structures and objects


Various tileable, colored, natural and artificial stone materials, surfaces and structures
Stone »   Granite    Limestone    Marble    Misc    Rocks    Sandstone   

Structures and Objects

Complete objects and structures as a tileable texture or as whole objects


A wide range of tileable surfaces of many different materials for any kind of indoor and outdoor texturing
Tiles »   Misc    Pavement    Stone Slabs    Walls    Wood   


Whole walls in many different materials, structures and aging states as tileable textures


Natural wood surfaces as tileable material or tileable boards, panels and structures

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