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3D Tutorials
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  • The Yellow House by Huseyin Karaaslan
  • Design a Sofa in 3D Studio Max
  • All-In-One Basics Tutorial by Colin Barnette
  • Mazda RX8 by Nasty
  • Creating a glade using Grass-O-Matic Plugin by SpWar
  • Honda NSX
  • Poly Modeling In 3D Studio Max - By Stealth Snake
  • Making Random Grass by Radoslav Zilinsky
  • Polygon-modelling - A Fistweapon by Mariska Vos
  • Next Generation Modeling and Texturing by David N. Goodman
  • Modeling the Tennis Ball by Khurram Shehzad
  • Prop Modeling Project 1 - Table Modeling: Movie 1 by Chris Tate
  • Modeling a Basic Set of Chairs and Table
  • Seat Leon II by David Melchor
  • Subdvision Body Model - A female body from a cylinder by Wiro
  • Falken Rim Tutorial by Travis Williams
  • Making Crease Using 3D Studio Max For Interior Design
  • Basic Armchair by Pawel Kuciel
  • Afro head modeling by Jiri Adamec
  • How to create cool tribal symbols and signs by Necksmasher
  • How to create a portrait from photograph by Smoke
  • Box Modeling the Basic Shape of a Car by Lars M?ensson
  • Preparing an Exotic, Non-Alcoholic Cocktail by Bogdan Iliesiu
  • Draw a roof by using connect in editblepoly by Smoke
  • Making of: The Gates of Hell by Mario Russo
  • Modeling a Blanket using 3ds max
  • Designing a Faucet by Mario Malagrino
  • How to create microscopic cell scenes by Necksmasher
  • Car modeling Tutorial by Pawel Gajlewicz
  • Basic Modelling for begginers by Rinne
  • Modelling a head poly by poly by Tommi Kaikkonen
  • Creating a Bonsai Tree by Michael Watkins
  • Organic 3D Modeling - THE HEAD by CG artist Eric Maslowski
  • Candle tutorial in Maxwell
  • Concept car by Razvan Mafte
  • Create Fluid in Realflow
  • Creating a simple realistic looking scene using simple objects by Okii Shirow
  • Creating a low-poly pilot like character, Part1: Sculpting by Knut Austegard
  • Character Head Modeling by Mark Harrison-Ball
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